Ich habe ein Zeugnis anerkennen lassen. Kann ich trotzdem einen Einstufungstest ablegen, um eventuell ein höheres Niveau zu erreichen?

Ja. Wenn Sie glauben, Ihr Niveau ist höher als das anerkannte Ergebnis, können Sie gerne einen Einstufungstest ablegen. Sollten Sie sich für einen Einstufungstest entscheiden, und dabei ein niedrigeres Niveau erreichen als das anerkannte Ergebnis, ist die Anerkennung allerdings hinfällig, und es gilt das (niedrigere) Testergebnis.

Sie sollten einen Einstufungstest nur dann ablegen wenn das anerkannte Ergebnis niedriger ist als das Niveau, das Sie für die Belegung der Kurse in Ihrem Studiengang benötigen, und Sie tatsächlich einen Grund zur Annahme haben, dass Sie dabei auf jeden Fall ein besseres Ergebnis erzielen werden.

Does the price of the study trip include insurance?

No, the price of your study trip does not include any insurance, nor are we allowed to recommend specific insurance policies or companies.

We strongly recommend that participants take out the following insurance policies (or a policy that covers all of the following):

  • Cancellation insurance (Reiserücktrittsversicherung)
  • Travel contents insurance (Reisegepäckversicherung)
  • Travel health insurance (Reisekrankenversicherung)

If I need to cancel a confirmed booking after I have paid, am I entitled to a refund?

Our cancellation policy can be found on the terms and conditions page and sets out the conditions that apply to refunds in the event that you need to cancel your booking and withdraw from the study trip at any time. The later you cancel, the less we are likely to be able to refund.

We strongly advise all participants to take out cancellation insurance (Reiserücktrittsversicherung) to cover the full amount of the trip. Please check the terms and conditions of the insurance policy to make sure that it covers what you need and be aware that time limits often apply when the insurance policy is taken out after the travel booking has been made.

Are the study trips subsidised?

We always endeavour to obtain a contribution from the university towards the total cost of your trip. There is no guarantee, however, and it may not be possible to confirm the subsidy amount by the time we process your application. We will always communicate any subsidies obtained as soon as these have been confirmed, and in any case, the price you will pay for your trip is the maximum total amount. Any subsidy granted after you have paid will be credited to your personal study trip account and refunded to you after your trip.

Is attendance at / participation in all the programme activities compulsory?

Yes. The study trips are primarily educational and are an extra-curricular part of the legal language certificate programme. By taking part in a study trip you are committing to taking part in all organised activities during that trip. In the likely event that your study trip is subsidised, failure to take part in programme activities without reasonable justification may result in that subsidy being withdrawn.

Can my participation be shown on my certificate?

Yes, particpation in a study trip can be shown on your certificate (Basic, Intermediate or Advanced) as an extra-curricular activity.

Can my participation in the study trip be recognised as part of the certificate programme?

Participation in the study strip on its own is not sufficient for recognition because this requires an individual achievement. Students who are aiming to complete the programme, i.e. achieve the advanced level certificate will, however, have the opportunity to take part in a seminar ‚English Law in Practice‘ in the weeks following the study trip. This will involve a 15 – 20 minute presentation and a short written appraisal of an aspect of English law connected to the study trip programme. Full details will be made available to eligible participants. The seminar can be used to replace either the general English course usually required for admission to the certificate exam or the course ‚Presenting Skills in the Legal Context‘.

Will I need a visa to travel to the United Kingdom?

If you are a citizen of Germany, another EU country, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, you will not need a visa to travel to the UK.

If you are a citizen of any other country, you might need a visa (tourist or standard visitor visa). Please check on the UK Government website.

How many places are available on each trip?

There are 23 places available on each trip, so a total of 46 students will be able to take part each year.

Will we have much free time?

Yes. You will have most evenings free and there will be plenty of time during the week for you to do your own thing. If this is your first trip to London, you should, for example, have enough time to visit the main tourist attractions.