The Legal London Study Trip

Experience in practice what you have

learned in English law courses

The Legal London Study Trip is...

  • open to students who have taken part in at least one legal English course as part of the certificate programme
  • an apportunity to experience the day-to-day legal work of courts, lawyers and the parliament
  • excellent value for money
  • an ideal way to combine legal education with culture
  • an enjoyable experience that students have told us was one of the highlights of their legal studies
  • generously subsidised by the FAU Law School and the Alumni Association

Video presentation

Next study trips: March / April 2023

Dates to be confirmed
"An awesome week with a lot of great experiences I will never forget!"

"The program we had was perfect - it was the ideal combination of study trip, local life & food!"

"A great study trip with great organisation. I would take part any time again!"

"Definitely one of the highlights of my studies"

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